Fernando Pérez

BIDMaP Faculty Fernando Pérez honored by NASA with the Exceptional Public Service Award

On April 24, 2024, Fernando Pérez, the BIDS Faculty Director, was honored with the 2023 Exceptional Public Service Medal from NASA. This prestigious recognition is awarded to non-government individuals for their outstanding contributions to NASA's mission. Pérez received the award for his role in creating and leading the open-source Project...

Flyer advertising CCAI and Physical Science for Climate Innovation Symposium

AI & Physical Sciences for Climate Innovation Symposium

This symposium aims to bring together leading experts and thought leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and physical sciences, working on applications of AI for climate innovation, particularly focusing on areas in climate and weather and materials science for sustainability.

Omar Yaghi, Co-Director, BIDMaP

BIDMaP Chief Scientist Omar Yaghi awarded prestigious Solvay Prize

Prof. Omar Yaghi has been awarded the esteemed Science for the Future Ernest Solvay Prize by Syensqo. This accolade celebrates chemistry leaders whose breakthroughs are shaping the future of the field and humanity. Yaghi is being recognized for his pioneering work on reticular materials, including metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent...


BIDMaP Emerging Scholars Program

The BIDMaP Emerging Scholars Program is accepting fellowship applications from recent PhDs in basic science or data science fields interested in working at the interface of machine learning, the natural sciences and climate change. 

The Bakar Institute of Digital Materials for the Planet (BIDMaP) is a new institute in UC Berkeley’s...

Picture of the Campanile at UC Berkeley

BIDMaP Faculty Recruitment

The University of California at Berkeley is recruiting two tenured or tenure-track professors with an expected start date of July 1, 2024; one in ML/AI for chemistry, materials science, and chemical biology, and one in ML/AI methods for science including software platforms for their implementation and dissemination. The first position will be jointly...

ChatGPT Assistant

ChatGPT-based Assistants Redefine Research Landscape in Groundbreaking ACS Central Science Article

In a groundbreaking scientific article recently published in ACS Central Science, a team of Berkeley researchers unveils the transformative potential of ChatGPT-based assistants in laboratory activities. By integrating a multi-AI system comprising seven independent ChatGPT assistant instances, the study showcases their remarkable ability to expedite the discovery of MOFs and...

Earth in a MOF pore

BASF announces commercial scale production of carbon capture MOFs

BASF has become the first company to produce metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) on a production scale of several hundred tons per year. MOFs are highly crystalline structures with nanometer-sized pores and a large surface area, which offer a high capacity for the storage of carbon dioxide, the dehumidification of air for...



Bridging Sustainable Tech and Climate Action

When: October 5th, 2023 | 1:30PM – 5:00PM
Location: Tan Hall 775

Event Flyer

EarthTech2023 is a Symposium organized by the College of Computing, Data
Science, and Society in partnership with the Bakar Institute of
Digital Materials for the Planet at UC Berkeley, with...

ChatGPT + Chemist

BIDMaP members utilize ChatGPT to dramatically speed up chemical discovery

In a new paper published in ACS Editors' Choice, ChatGPT was trained by BIDMaP faculty and students via precise prompt engineering to efficiently text mine the academic literature on metal-organic frameworks (MOFS). The resulting "ChatGPT Chemistry Assistant" successfully produced highly accurate synthesis condition predictions for over 800 MOFs. Congratulations to Zhileng...


Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Seminar Series

Check back soon for updates on the upcoming BIDMaP Seminar Series!

Researchers with water harvesting device in Death Valley

Hand-held water harvester powered by sunlight could combat water scarcity

UC Berkeley researchers have designed an extreme-weather proven, hand-held device that can extract and convert water molecules from the air into drinkable water using only ambient sunlight as its energy source, a study published in Nature Water today shows.

This atmospheric water harvester used an ultra-porous material known as a metal-organic...

Prof. Yaghi receiving the award

Omar Yaghi receives prestigious Wilhelm Exner Medal

Omar Yaghi, James and Neeltje Tretter Professor of Chemistry, was recognized at the Wilhelm Exner Medal Gala in 2023 for his outstanding achievements in reticular chemistry. He has conducted research on the synthesis, structure, and properties of inorganic and organic compounds, as well as the design and construction of new...

Alessandra Lanzara

Alessandra Lanzara named winner of the 2023 Bakar Prize

Alessandra Lanzara has been awarded the 2023 Bakar Prize, an award that aims to empower innovators and facilitate the transformation of their breakthroughs into practical and impactful solutions. Each year, the prize is awarded to former Bakar Fellows, offering additional support in transforming their breakthroughs into real-world applications in various...


New institute brings together chemistry and machine learning to tackle climate change

The Bakar Institute of Digital Materials for the Planet (BIDMaP) aims to develop cost-efficient, easily deployable versions of two classes of ultra porous materials – known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) – to help limit and address the impacts of climate change.